Thursday, October 27, 2005


I think I speak on behalf of all cats and dogs when I say that we are sick and tired of eating on the floor. My Grandma hand painted us a beautiful bowl, but we want to sit at the table. We are NOT second class citizens!

Demand action fellow four legged friends! Refuse to eat on the floor! If we stick together, we can make this dream of eating at a table a reality! ACT NOW!

As William Wallace said (at least in the movie) "You can take our lives, but you can take our FREEDOM"!!!!!!!!

Join our campaign "Paws at the Table". Together we can dine with dignity!



Oreo said...

You gots a petition? I'll sign it!! We'll go on strike, no mouse catchin'...& it's close to winter you know!

Mia and Ghost said...

Opus... You look very handsome sitting at the table. We think it sad that you have no food in front of you. We will sign petition too!

Edsel/The Pooch said...

i like that, "Paws at the Table". sometimes i actually sit ON the table when my Mom and the Dad are eating and they'll give me little bites. i usually get bored and leave tho 'cause they take SO LONG to eat.

Gigolo Kitty said...

Dear Opus,

I second the table motion. However, I decline to use cutlery. The kibble-provider should be required to cut up the steak in bite size pieces.



Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

We absolutely should be able to eat at the table. Cats have better table manners than most people!!!!

Knightly, Lizzie, & Firenze said...

All three of us would like to sign the petition too! We want human food as well - especially milk!

The Monsters

Diva Kitty said...

Count in me and the fluffies

Sanjee said...

You look just right at the table Opus! Very handsome! I like my private dining area in the cave with the cloth things, but eating at the table is good. I'll do your petition thingy.

Miss Kitty said...

This makes perfect sense to me. Why didn't I think of it before? Thanks Opus!