Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is so much to be thankful for. I am thankful that I have humans who love and care for me every day of my life. I am thankful for having the chance to live in Italy, not too many cats get to see other countries. I am so very thankful for the incredible 12 years I had with my brother, sweet Roscoe. Though we all miss him terribly, his memory makes us smile every day. I am thankful for all of the friends who I have met on the internet, the world really much smaller than it seemed!

And I so very thankful for my dear friends Sassy, Momo, Karl, Ruis and Asta. You and your humans are the best and we (me and my human) feel lucky to have you in our lives.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope the humans give you some turkey. And in the spirit of Roscoe, I encourage you to steal a slice or two! Happy Thanksgiving!

(ps. Sorry I couldn't come by to visit, but the human wouldn't let me get near the computer. She was too busy in the kitchen all day. Good help is hard to find!)

Monday, November 24, 2008

We Love You MOMO!

Sending you my love from Italy in hopes that you feel better soon!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

BIG CCSI Announcement!

(poster by Karl)

Click here for all of the details!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Working Weekend

Since the humans dumped me this past weekend, I decided to make the most of my unexpected free time. I jumped in the MFV and headed on over to Sassy's where we spent the weekend preparing for the next installment of CCSI.

(photo by Sassy)

We spent most of the weekend locked up at the Little Productions Studio, working in the board room and trying to iron out all of the details....

(photo by Sassy)

Often you could find us in front our computer having conference calls with the other CCSI executives.....

(photo by Sassy with detail added by Opus)
Karl & Ruis giving us his input

Of course the weekend wasn't all work and no play! Sassy and I relaxed Sunday night with a movie and popcorn!

Mean while back in New York Asta was hard at work ALL WEEKEND designing and making the costumes for the next production.

The script is finished. Casting is done. The posters are ready to go. Momo, executive of marketing, is working on her ad campaign as I type...

Get ready good animals of the blogosphere... CCSI IV is on the way!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Dare You #4 Part 3

I have decided to take in part in The Cat Realm's Dare #4 part 3. There was a wonderful list of Dares to choose from and I have decided to do Sassy's dare: Dress up as your favorite movie star.

Since Anastasia is able to Dare us from across the bridge, I decided that Roscoe can accept her Dare from across the bridge.

One of the first parties we ever had (after our human learned how to photo shop) was "Mafia Movie Night". I went as Don Opus while Roscoe chose to be Lefty Litter Paw. What a wonderful party we had with all of our friends dressed up as flappers and mafioso! Here is the photo of me dressed as Marlen Brando as Don Corleone in the Godfather. Roscoe sweetly played the part of the cat.

If you haven't done your dare yet, head on over to Karl's to pick a dare and get it posted on your blog!

Happy Daring! And remember, there is no such thing as the mafia! (wink)

(Music is the theme from the movie Godfather)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Baby Opus & Baby Roscoe
(Around six months old)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Date with Miss Lacie

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous on Sunday. Not only was this my first date with Miss Lacie, but it was my first date EVER! Normally I don't date because the human said I am too young. But with Roscoe gone, I have been able to get away with a lot more stuff than I ever did before.

Somehow Lacie and I got our plans mixed up. As I headed over to Pittsburgh to pick her up...

(photo by Sassy)

...she was in Rome waiting for me! (And yes that I me driving the van rather than flying it. The cost of magic dust keeps going up so I was trying to conserve my fuel).

Doesn't she look just BEAUTIFUL??!!!!

(photo by Lacie)

At last we met up with each other in Pittsburgh, just in time for a nice brunch. Afterwards, we headed over the Andy Warhol museum to check out the works of art by America's #1 Pop artist.

Our favorite exhibit was the Cloud Room where giant silver balloons float gently around the room. It is an exhibition that you are suppose to interact with, so Lacie and I wasted no time. It was so much fun chasing the balloons around, even if I might have popped a couple. You should have seen how high Lacie was able to jump! I was very impressed!

There were some pieces of art that we just didn't understand. I mean, how can a stack of boxes be considered art? We tried our best to understand and thoroughly examined the "art"...

But we got a little too close. It would have been okay except that we lost our balance (because we were laughing so hard). The next thing we knew the "art" was flying all over the room!

We got out of there REAL quick! After a day at the museum, we decided that it was time to head out for a romantic dinner. As we drove through the city to our next destination, I had the strange feeling that Lacie and I were not alone.

(Asta, Sassy, Momo, Karl & Ruis in the back of the van)

On Lacie's recommendation, I made reservations for us at the Montery Bay Fish Grotto. It is a gorgeous, high-end, sea food restaurant which sits on the top of hill, over looking the beautiful Pittsburgh skyline. We rode the cable car to the top, admiring the view all the way up.

(photo by Sassy)

We enjoyed a romantic dinner as the sun set on Pittsburgh. The view was breathtaking, as was Lacie. We watched the city below wink at us with twinkling lights. But I still couldn't shake the feeling that we were being watched. Perhaps I am turning into a paranoid cat.

At the end of our evening, I presented Lacie with a gift. It was a painting I had made for her. I hope that each time she looks at it, she will remember our wonderful day together in Pittsburgh.

I had planned to just drop her off at home, but when we arrived at her house we found that there was a party in full swing. Lacie's parents were gone for the weekend and her brothers, Scruffy and baby Stan, were having a card party. They kindly asked if I would like to join them. Being the only cat in house, I nervously took my seat at the table hoping that all the dogs were friendly.

(photo by Asta)

They didn't growl at me once. Not even when I won ALL of their money! Hehehehehe! Thank you Lacie for the wonderful date. And thank you to all of my new doggie friends for allowing this old cat to join in on the dog-gone fun!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Always With Me

Today marks the two month anniversary of when sweet Roscoe went to the bridge. The human and I weren't going to mention it, but then it didn't feel right to let the day pass without saying a word. This is the longest any of us have been away from Roscoe. Though it has only been two months, it feels like years to us.

I am doing better these days. My family and friends help to keep me busy. I don't look for Roscoe as often as I used to. However I do find myself calling out to him in the night from time to time.

We can see his little grave from our bedroom window. Each night the human opens the window and talks to him before going to bed. Normally we can not see the moon from our window, but a few days a month it hangs just above the horizon; a half moon smiling down into our bedroom window from the sky. It is the same half moon we saw the night Roscoe fell terribly ill. It comforts us all now when we see each it month. It is a constant reminder of Roscoe and, funny as it may seem, when we see that half moon it makes us feel as though Roscoe is smiling down upon us.

We hope to keep Roscoe alive by remembering him from time to time on our blog. He visits us every once in a while, if only in our dreams. He visited our human several times this weekend when he snuck into her dreams. It made her happy and sad at the same time.

We will see him one day. It is the time in between that will be difficult...

On a lighter note, I had a fun and interesting weekend with Miss Lacie. Do tune in tomorrow for all of the details! But keep your minds out of the gutter friends, I am a gentle man after all!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Special Weekend

Last weekend while at Asta's Halloween party, I had the chance to meet her good friend Lacie. We hit off really well! After our brunch in New York with gang, we made plans to see each other again.

(Photo by Sassy)

Her humans are gone for the weekend so we thought it would be a great time to get together so we can get to know each other better. I am off to Pittsburg to pick her up now.

(Photo by Sassy)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blog Blast for Peace

Peace, in Heaven and on Earth.

(photo by Sassy)
Click here to see more

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Brunch in New York

It was a fun crazy weekend with my friends as we celebrated Halloween! What a great party that Asta, Lacie and Eric threw! I do hope they do it again next year as I am already planing my costume.

Hanging out at Asta's home.

(photo by Sassy)

We drove Asta back to New York and, still in our Halloween costumes, decided to treat her to a brunch before heading back to our homes. I was so happy that sweet, little Miss Lacie was able to join us!

(photo by Sassy)

While the girls chatted on about whatever it is that they chat about, us man cats headed off in search of a manly store. It wasn't long before we found what we were looking for, the IPod shop! With our bags filled with the latest gadgets, we headed back to the restaurant where we took one last photo before jumping into the magic van and starting for home.

(photo by Sassy)

It was a wonderful weekend filled with fun, love and laughter. Though I am always sad to say good bye to my dear friends, I am always happy to return to my home in Italy.

(photo by Sassy)

The humans will be waiting....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Moveaversary!

Four years ago today Roscoe and I landed in Italy and began our new lives. We were a little bit worried when our human stuffed us into a plane, but some 10 hours (plus) later we arrived in our new home.

Roscoe and I hid under the bed for the first week or so, only coming out to eat and use the bathroom. But little by little we came to learn that we could trust our new home.

Roscoe's favorite place was on the bench on our upstairs terrace. Whenever he would come up missing, we all new that we could find him there sunning himself in the warm, Italian sun. I go there sometimes now either looking for him or just staying a moment to enjoy his favorite spot. It helps me feel close to him.

Not too many cats can call themselves expat cats. Roscoe and I always felt lucky to have lived in two different yet equally wonderful places.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

All Souls Day

Missing you now more than ever...

"No heaven will not ever Heaven be;
Unless my cats are there to welcome me." ~ Anonymous

Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Saints Day

Today is All Saints Day in Italy. This is one of the first photos our human made of us. We are peaking out from behind Saint Gertrude of Nivelles, the Patron Saint of Cats. I can just picture Roscoe curled on her lap right now.

I am sure she taking good care him for us.....