Monday, August 17, 2009

Quiet Time

This week you will find the two of us catching up on some much deserved rest. Our human is out of town this week and we are taking this time to rest up from our busy summer. Even though we haven't been visiting and posting much we have both been busy. The human has promised to post next week about what we have been up to.

We miss visiting with you and hope soon we will be able to get more computer time.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mancat Monday

There is nothing like the isolation and serenity of a box to give a mancat a chance to collect his thoughts and solve the problems of the world...


Oh great! The female human has showed up and she brought her stinking camera with her!


Oh goody! Look who else has decided to join the party! Can't a man cat have a moment to himself? Go away kid, ya bother me!


That's more like it! Keep moving! Nothing more to see here!
And take your human with you!


Hey! What's going on back there?
Sneaking up behind me are you? Hey? I'm talking to you!


Olive! Hey, you forgot something!
Get back here and take your human with you!
Olive! OLIVE!!! Olive? Women!


That's it! I'm going to the one place a
mancat can go without being disturbed...

... the litter box! I'm outta here!