Sunday, June 22, 2008

High Five Sunday

Opus and Roscoe, back home again in Indiana
(photo by Zoolatry)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Concatulations Othello and Gree

We would like to send out wedding wishes to our friends Othello and Gree who are getting married in Hawaii today. We wish them all the best and many years of happiness together. Tanti auguri!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Missing Van Update

We know we haven't been on our blog for a while, sorry about that. We have been busy working the FBI, CIA, and the Sassy Hot Line in an effort to find our van. Charlotte , Scylla, Socks & MoMo might have spotted our van while they were enjoying relaxing day at The Wet Spot. They noticed an orange, VW van in the parking lot, but couldn't be sure if it was our magic, flying van as it was parked. Before any photos could be taken, and before the police arrived in the scene, the sneaky thieves got away.

Our dear friends, Karl and Ruis, stopped for a beer during their day of cycling. Little did they know, our van was just behind them...

Sassy's hot line has had a rash of van sightings all across the continental US. First the van was spotted flying over Mount Catmore.

From what we can tell, our van then headed west as several calls came in reporting our van flying over Hollywood....

...and later it was seen over San Francisco. Though it was a foggy day, callers could not mistake the orange blur in the sky as our beloved van. All of our friends in the USA, it seems the van is in the area. Please keep your eyes to the sky and let us know if you spot it.

In other news, our friends over at Jan's Funny Farm gave us the Brillante Weblog award. We would like to thank them kindly from the bottom of our hearts. They have also been instrumental in helping us find our van by reporting when our van was missing, posting our "missing van" poster and by taking a photo of our van when they spotted it over the Flint River. A big thank you to Jan and all of our friends at the Funny Farm.

If you see our van, please email us, so we can post your sighting and add you to our "Sightings Link List".

Thursday, June 12, 2008

MFV Sightings

Since our post about our missing magic, flying van, the calls have been flooding in.

Our first call came from KC from The Catblogosphere who had this to report:

"There wuz a reeport yesserday here in Houston yesterday that a Magical Flying Van was spotted doing a fly-by at Ellington Field (near NASA-JSC). It turned out to be an astronaut trainee (we finks)."

Next to spot our van was the crew at Jan's Funny Farm. They saw it flying over the Flint River, down in Georgia, and managed to snap a photo of it.

(photo by Jan's Funny Farm)

The next sighting was reported by Asta, in New York City, who saw our van on a barge in the Hudson River. She tried to get the thieves to stop, but they ignored her cries.

(Photo by Asta)

Things went from bad to worse as the next MFV (magic, flying, van) sighting came to us from Derby who spotted our van IN a river near is home! He thinks it might have been caught up in the flash floods brought on by recent storms in the area.

(Photos by Derby)

We have had so many van sighting come up, that we opened up a MFV Sighting hot-line. Sassy has volunteered to man the phones while we continue searching for our van.

Here are what some of her callers had to report:

One caller reported seeing the magic flying van heading down historic route 66. Anyone from Illinois on west, keep your eyes peeled for our van. It may spring up again along some of Route 66's popular historic sights.

(Photo by Sassy)

Several reports have come in from Japan with callers spotting the flying van floating over Tokyo...

(Photo by Sassy)

... over Mt. Fuji....

(Photo by Sassy)

...while a few frantic callers said that they saw the van as it barely escaped the deadly grasp of Godzilla.

Keep your eyes wide open. Our van is still out there with those dirty thieves behind the wheel. Those tricky crooks even tinted our windows to make it more difficult to identify them. Write to us, from any where in the world, should you happen to see (or photograph) our missing van.

(poster by Sassy)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today our humans celebrate their third year of marriage, which is like a hundred years in cat years! Many years ago, our humans met and started a transatlantic love affair, that would end with the three of us moving to Italy for good.

The day was purfect for a wedding; clear skies filled with sunshine. They were married in one of the oldest churches in the area, complete with 13Th century frescoes adorning the alter.

(The founding of this church was around 1140 AD)

The ceremony was performed half in English and half in Italians; with booklets printed in each language so that all the guests could follow along.

(Our male Italian said his vows in English
while our female said hers in Italian)

Wedding traditions from both cultures were both used as a way to combine Italian culture with American culture; just like our family is!

(Many of the guests, including the priest,
had not ever seen a unity candle used in a wedding before)

After the ceremony, we piled into our human's car and headed off for a long night of eating, drinking, and dancing!

None of us could have imagine that we would end up in Italy all those years ago when our humans first met, but now we can't imagine living anywhere else!

(photo NOT doctored, back home with Mom at 2 in the morning)

Love brought us Italy and love has kept us here!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our Van is Still Missing

Some of you may recall that a few weeks ago, our beloved flying van was stolen. We haven't had a lot of time to search for it with a bachelor party to plan and the wedding of the century to attend. Then we were swallowed up inside of a black hole for a few days. Now that we are home safe and sound, we can finally concentrate on finding our beloved van.

For being best men at their wedding, Karl and Ruis gave us WONDERFUL gifts. First was a VW bus/monster truck which we just loved.

If that weren't enough, they also gave us a beautiful VW limo...

... AND a customized caravan!

We are beside ourselves with these wonderful gifts and thank them from the bottom of our hearts. BUT there will always be a little piece of us missing until our magic, flying van returns home.

We are now heading up a world wide van hunt and are asking every furry friend from around the globe to help us out. We are hoping that Tigger the FBI cat can lend us a paw with the search. We are counting on each and every one of you to help get our van back home.

So far, there have been two spottings of our van. The first was by Ruis who had a MFV (magic flying van) sighting in Amsterdam. He sent us this photo...

but the van thieves got away with our van before local authorities showed up on the scene.

The next sighting was by Sukie, Livvie and Mitzi who spotted our van flying over London. They snapped a few photos, but the perps never landed and got away.

The only other piece of evidence we have to go by, is this video clip of the thieves in OUR van. Please watch the video and study their faces closely; they could be someone you know.

And last but not least, keep your eyes toward the sky and report to us ASAP if you happen to see our van flying in your corner of the world. If you should happen to get a photo of it, send the picture to, so we can post it on our site.

We thank you all in advance for your help. Who knows where our van might turn up next, but with the help of friends like you we might just get it back soon!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Back from Black

Some of you might have noticed that Roscoe and I have MIA since Karl and Ruis's wedding. Just so you know, we have a purfectly good excuse for this. I had enjoyed a few too many nipatinis at the wedding reception and thought it would be best if I let my brother drive us back to Italy. BIG MISTAKE! Roscoe was having so much fun singing along with the radio that he didn't even notice when we came across a giant black hole. Well, by the time I opened my tired eyes and spotted the thing it was just too late. We were sucked in with the stars, the universe, and everything. We were in that darn black hole for the better part of a week, but at least we had a good supply of food and drinks to keep us alive; Roscoe NEVER travels without plenty of snacks. Of course this disaster lead to a lot of paw pointing. Roscoe blamed me because I couldn't drive us home safely and I blamed him for singing rather than paying attention to driving. In the end, the black hole couldn't stand our constant bickering. After five days, it spit us out and told to NEVER come back.

So we are now home, safe and sound (no thanks to Roscoe). We are going to rest up today and then resume our blogging duties tomorrow. See you then!