Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Wishing all our furry friends a very Merry Chirstmas! We hope Santa Paws was good to you!


Opus and Rosoce

Friday, December 16, 2005

Pisa: Part II

Written by Roscoe

Opus and I raced to the ancient city wall of Pisa. We were so excited to be there and after hours on the train it felt good to stretch our legs. We ran as fast as could, a couple of times I almost tripped over my own paws. We reached the door at the same time although, I think I won by a nose!

Street vendors guarded the door to the Field of Miracles while at the same time harassing the tourist to buy their stuff. Apparently they recognised that Opus and I are high society cats, not one vendor tried to sell us a fake Rolex. They must have known that it is nothing but the best for these two cats!

We walked through the thick door which opened up to the field of Miracles. The name was not a disappointment. Before our eyes was a incredibly large church made of white marble with a smaller matching baptistery resting just behind the church. The famous leaning bell tower stood at the front of the church welcoming visitors from around the world. A carpet of emerald green grass, the size of several football fields, cradled the three precious buildings. The stark white marble stood out against the ocean blue sky, not a cloud was in site.

We spent several hours touring the grand buildings. Around three o'clock we began to get hungry. On our way over to the leaning tower we noticed several groups of humans enjoying picnics on the lush grass. We put on our cute kitty faces and strutted over while our bellies growled. We approached a man and a women who were feeding the pigeons. We figured if they were nice enough to feed ugly birds that surly they would share a little food with a couple of cute cats. As we got closer, we were spotted by the pigeons. I tried to contain myself, but instinct gave way to rational thought. Before I knew it, I was running at full speed. I pounced, the birds made a mad dash to the sky and some how in all of the commotion the woman spilled her orange juice all over her white coat.

A rational person would have blamed the dirty birds for flying away in a tizzy. After all I wouldn't have hurt anyone, I was just playing. Honest! The woman began screaming at me in a strange language. It sounded like she was spitting while talking at the same time. Opus thinks she might have been speaking German. I didn't need to understand the words to know that I was in trouble. Opus and I ran away as quick as our little legs would carry us.

It wasn't long before we found more snacking humans. This time the pigeons kept their distance from us and I did a better job at controlling my instinct. My belly was rumbling by now and that look precedence over bird chasing.

The humans were kind and offered us a ham and cheese sandwhiches. We purred to let them know how happy they had made us. They pet us, played with us and even offered us wine to wash down the sandwiches. It was the perfect lunch.

After the eating, the playing and the wine drinking we decided it was time to take a little cat nap. We thanked the humans as we headed off in search of place to sleep. It wasn't long before we found a soft patch of grass in the sun. We snuggled up close together and slept in the warm rays of "il sole".

Opus woke up and was ready to go! I on the other hand still felt a little tipsy from the wine. The tower appeared to be leaning a little more then it had when we first got there.

We both agreed it would be best if I didn't try to climb up the crooked stairs. Opus would journey to the top alone while I waited below to take his picture. After Opus entered the leaning tower, I curled back up in the grass to wait. The sun felt so good on my face that I couldn't help but to close my eyes....just for a second.

I awoke to the sound of the bells clamoring high above my head. It was Opus swinging on the ropes. Apparently he had been calling my name for fifteen minutes. When he failed to awake me he simply jumped on the ropes. I was afraid that we would get into trouble, but the crowd loved the show. Everyone clapped as Opus hopped off of the bells. I took a quick picture of him and then waited while he walked back down the stairs.

As the sun began to set we decided it was time to head home. It had been a wonderful day in Pisa, but we were tired and it was getting cold.

Two bus rides and a train trip later, we arrived safe and sound in our little town. We sneaked back into the house only find it empty. Our humans were still gone and we had gotten away with another adventure.

That night as I slept in front the radiator, I dreamed that we were back in Pisa. This time Opus and I were giant cats towering above the humans. Opus stood on his hind legs to check out the flapping flag waving on top of the leaning tower. I searched the grass for a soft spot to nap! The silly humans didn't even notice us as they posed for their pictures!

What a wonderful dream, what a wonderful day!

Friday, December 2, 2005


Written by Opus

I can not believe it has been a month already since our last adventure. It has been a busy time in our home, but now things are settled again and we can write about our visit to Pisa.

At the end of October, found out that our humans were going out of town for a long weekend. We decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to take a little trip of our own. Afraid of getting caught again, I sent Roscoe on a mission. He was to find out WHERE our humans were going so that we could avoid their destination at all cost. Roscoe is a brave and sneaky cat. He crept quietly into the computer room and spied on our female human. He noticed that she was checking out hotels at Lake Como on the internet. They would be leaving on a Saturday and not returning home until Monday night!

That night while the humans slept, we unfolded our large map of Italy. We decided we would throw our toy mouse in the air. Where ever it landed on the map, would be our destination.

"One..two...three" we tossed the mouse into the air. I watched it tumbling to the ground head over tail. Oh how I wished it could have been a real mouse to play with. It landed with a small thud. Right on top of the city of Pisa!

The morning, shortly after our humans left, we scurried out the door. We waited for the bus to come and take us to the train station. How lucky for us when the bus doors opened and there was our old friend, Mr. Statezitti, sitting behind the wheel. We don't know what his real name is, but he is always saying to us ***"State zitti", so that is what we call him.

Mr. Statezitti delivered us to the train station and wished us a "Buon viaggo". We look around for our friend who works at the train station. He was no where to be found, no tuna fish sandwiches for us today. Thankfully Roscoe thought to pack a bag of cat treats. We munched them on the train and hoped that the humans wouldn't notice that they were gone.

With the sun shining through our window and cat treats in our bellies, we snuggled down for a little cat nap. A short while later I awoke to a woman speaking Italian on the loud speakers. The only word I understood was Pisa.

"Roscoe, wake up! We are here!" I said. I swear, that cat can sleep through anything.

We walked out of the train station, hopped across the street and waited at the bus stop. I had read enough guide books to know that I didn't want to walk all the way to the "Field of Miracles". The first bus that stopped was driven by a cranky young man. "No gatto!" he yelled at us. We put on our best sad cat faces, but our cuteness was of no use. "No gatto!" he yelled a second time and then slammed the doors shut.

Just when I thought that we were going to have to walk (too much exercise for a cat) a second bus pulled up. This time a sweet older woman with gray hair was behind the wheel. She greeted us with a warm smile and we walked on board. She never said a word, but softly scratched our ears as we passed by.

We drove for a short while when Roscoe spotted it out of his window. Behind the ancient city wall was the Field of Miracles. We could see the top of the tower peaking out above the wall. As soon as the doors opened we ran out of the bus, remembering to thank the kind lady on our way out.

As we ran towards the accient city door, the bells of the leaning tower began to ring as if welcoming us to Pisa and the Field of Miracles.

End of Part One

****State zitti means "You guys be quiet" in Italian

Monday, November 28, 2005

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Thanksgiving was WONDERFUL! There were a lot of noisy people in our home that night. We didn't like it and hid under the bed. Later we were lured out by the smell of roasted turkey. We were afraid, but we were more hungry then scared. The humans were nice (just too noisy for us old cats) and we were happy when they went home. Now we have a fridge full of turkey and we meow like crazy every time one of the humans goes into the fridge. The humans also shared some turkey with the homeless black cat who lurks around our house. We don't like him very much, but since it was Thanksgiving we thought it was nice to share.

All of this turkey eating has had us taking cat naps longer then normal. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and got to eat some good stuff.

Pandora tagged us for this animal meme. Sorry it took us so long to do it Pandora. We were just lazy over the holiday weekend.

Favorite place to sleep?
Opus: On the cat bed in front of the radiator in the bedroom.

Roscoe: On the cat bed in front of the radiator in the hallway.

Favorite music?
Opus: Classical music

Roscoe: Broadway musicals, especially "Cats"!

Favorite toy?
Opus: Feathers on a string and empty boxes

Roscoe: A vet doll that my Grandma gave me when I was kitten. It has cat nip in it. I still have it after 10 years and still love playing with it!

Favorite flavor of Stinky Goodness?
Opus and Roscoe: We love anything that smells like fish (even if it makes our breath stink)! YUM!

Favorite human?
Opus: The female human of course!

Roscoe: Yea, she has been the only constant thing in our lives. We were given the female human for Christmas ten years ago and we still have her! Too bad she doesn't smell like cat nip like my toy!

Favorite game?
Roscoe: We like to play fight.

Opus: Yea, sometimes it sounds so real that the female human comes and breaks it up. She must think that we are really fighting.

Roscoe: Well, you do bite rather hard sometimes.....

Opus: Just pay back my little friend (snicker snicker)!

Favorite window?
Opus: We love the bedroom window!

Roscoe: The sun shines in there all afternoon. Perfect for sun bathing!

Favorite naughty thing to do?
Roscoe: I enjoy jumping on the human's bed at three in the morning and meowing for no good reason.

Opus: I like to sharpen my claws on the furniture. It is strange though, no matter how hard I try I am not able to tear the fabric. I just don't understand.

Female human: Shhhh, the boys don't remember being declawed when they were kittens.

And now we tag Derby, Charlie, Edsels, Boni and Gigolo Kitty!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Turkey Day

We want to wish everyone (two legs and four legs) a very Happy Thanksgiving. We hope your day is full of turkey and lazy naps!

Opus and Roscoe

Sunday, November 20, 2005

What Do You See?

At Cat Naps in Italy, we are still trying to work the bugs out of our new template. We have noticed that the pictures we have added are not always downloaded onto the screen. Below is a picture of what our blog SHOULD look like. We were just wondering what YOU see when you open our blog.

This is just too much work. I think we need a nap!


Is this was what you see?

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Our New Look

Roscoe and I spent the afternoon working on our blog with our male human. It took a lot of time and effort, but we finally finished. We hope you like the new look of Cat Naps in Italy. Thank you Danilo for all of your help.


Thursday, November 17, 2005



********PLEASE STAND BY***************

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

We Are Back

Dear Felines and other four legged furball friends,
What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! First I was feeling under the weather. Then one of the humans (not wanting to be out done) went to the hospital. Our routine has been so messed up, we didn't know what to do!

Yesterday the human came home and is in good health. This means Roscoe and I can return to our normal blogging activities. Roscoe is hard at work writing about our adventures in Pisa.

Thank you all for your thoughts, puurayers and kind words. Your friendships mean so much to us.

With much love and appreciation,

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dear Friends

Dear Friends,
We are so sorry to have kept you in the dark. The good news is that Opus's eye cleared up before the trip to the vet. He is doing well and has appreciated all of your kind thoughts and words. The bad news is that we will still be hauled off to the vet for our yearly shots. Some cats just can't win.

One of the humans in the house is sick and in the hospital. This is why we have not been able to write. The computer has not been available. All is well, but until the human returns home life is a bit out of order for us. Do they realize how traumatic it is to mess with a cat's normal routine?

It was not our intention to have kept you all in suspense for such a long period of time. We will write soon about our adventure in Pisa. Until then, keep us and our humans in your thoughts and prayers.


Sunday, November 6, 2005

Dear Fellow Felines...

Dear Fellow felines, fans and friends,
We are so sorry to have kept you in suspense for such a long amount of time. I assure you, this was never our intent. The truth of matter is that I have feeling a bit under the weather. I developed some sort of infection in my eye. It has turned a bit pink and is slightly swollen. I had hoped that it would pass, but after several days, it is clear that it will not. Tomorrow our humans will take us to the mean vet for a check up. My poor left eye can no longer go ignored. Unfortunately, we are also due for our yearly shots. This means that both my brother and I will be dragged from the safely of our home.

I hope to be back writing soon. I can not wait to tell you all about our adventures (and we did not get caught this time). In the meantime, I am taking it easy while Roscoe remains faithfully by my side. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, you all know how nasty the vet human can be.


P.S. A hint about our travels: we had NOTHING to do with the broken tower. It was leaning when we arrived!

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

First, A Nap

We had such a great weekend. The humans went away again. And believe us, when the humans are away the cats will play! We had another exciting adventure. We can not wait to share it with you, but first a nap. We are so tired from all the fun we had. We are off to dream little cat dreams. Then we will tell you all about our weekend! WHAT AN ADVENTURE!

Roscoe and Opus

Thursday, October 27, 2005


I think I speak on behalf of all cats and dogs when I say that we are sick and tired of eating on the floor. My Grandma hand painted us a beautiful bowl, but we want to sit at the table. We are NOT second class citizens!

Demand action fellow four legged friends! Refuse to eat on the floor! If we stick together, we can make this dream of eating at a table a reality! ACT NOW!

As William Wallace said (at least in the movie) "You can take our lives, but you can take our FREEDOM"!!!!!!!!

Join our campaign "Paws at the Table". Together we can dine with dignity!


Monday, October 24, 2005


This weekend was great! The humans decided to take off for the day. We were home alone for about an hour when Opus had a wonderful idea. He thought it would be fun to go on a road trip. Why should the humans have all of the fun?

We sneaked out of the house and walked to the bus station. We rode the bus to the train station and the stowed away in an empty compartment. We were so happy that we didn't get caught because we didn't have a ticket. We tried to buy one, but the silly guy at the ticket counter couldn't understand us. He thought we were begging for food and kept trying to feed us part of his tuna fish sandwich (they call sandwiches "pannini" in Italy). Not being cats to pass on free food, we accepted the tuna fish and walked away full (but without tickets).

We made it to Milan safe and sound! Opus wanted to go to Milan because he has always wanted to see Da Vinci's The Last Supper. I wanted to go Milan to do some shopping. It IS the fashion capital of Italy, you know.

We arrived in the main square around 2pm. The sky was gray and threatened to rain. We hadn't thought to grab our rubber cat boots and prayed that the rain would stay away. We didn't want our little toes to get wet.

You would not have believed the pigeons in this square! We thought it would be fun to chase some (and maybe to do a little hunting), but we were clearly out numbered! These birds weren't anything like the pigeons in America. They were HUGE. They were also ugly and looked a bit sickly. We decided not to tease the birds and just played it cool. We acted like we didn't even see them. We left the birds alone and the birds left us alone (thank God).

We hadn't been in the square an hour when the unthinkable happened. We ran into our humans! Of all the dumb luck! It turns out that they had gone to Milan for the day too! We got yelled at a little (I think because they were worried about us being there alone).

The good news is we did NOT get a spanking. The took us to see the galleria and then the four of us headed home in the car.

It was an exciting day, but we were sooooooo tired when we got home. We spent the rest of the weekend sleeping. Traveling takes a lot out of a cat.

Our humans told us NEVER to go out alone like that again. But now Opus and I have the travel bug. Rome, Florence, Pisa, can a cat be expected to stay home?


Friday, October 21, 2005

Bunk Beds

Check out our bunk beds! Isn't it great? We have always wanted our own set of bunckbeds, but the humans can't seem to understand us when we ask them for a set. One afternoon they left the door to the bathroom cabinet open and "Tah dah"! Bunk beds!

A dog would have never thought of this (no offense)!

Why does Roscoe always get the top?


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fa Freddo (It's Cold)

Autumn is upon us. With the changing of the leaves, from hunter green to vibrant red, lemon yellow or burnt orange, comes the cold fall wind. In America the house was a bit warmer. Now we live in a house built of stone and tile. Believe me, when the weather turns cold outside, it gets cold inside.

Our humans were kind of enough to place kitty beds in front of the radiators. On the coldest of days, you will find us curled up to the radiator or snuggled underneath the down filled blanket.

So how does a cat warm his paws up after trotting across cold tile floors? By laying on his back with his hind feet up against the warm radiator!

A cat has to do, what a cat has to do!


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cat Naps

Us, doing what we do best.....

Monday, October 17, 2005

Get Out!

Forgive me, I must complain for just a moment. I tell you, living with a human can be a little trying at times. Just the other day I was in the "library" catching up on some reading when my human burst through the bathroom door. She took one look at me and ran out only to return with a camera. Can you imagine the humiliation?

Sure she feeds me and gives me a warm, safe place to sleep but that does NOT excuse her animal like behavior. If she doesn't change her bad behavior soon we will have to have a talk!

It isn't easy being a cat some days!


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Our Birthday

Today is our 10th birthday. We thought this would be the perfect excuse to get our blog started. We celebrated in a way that only indoor cat could celebrate, quietly. Our human gave us a nice dinner of chicken and gravy (a soft cat food dish that is only offered on special occasions). She also gave us each a small bowl of milk. We ate so fast that we had tummy aches and spent the rest of night trying to recover. Mostly we spent the day doing what we do best, sleeping.

So, a little about ourselves (this being our first blog entry). We were born on a farm in the mid west in the good old U.S. of A. We lived outside in the freezing cold with all of the other obnoxious farm animals. Even as winter approached, we slept outside surrounded by snow. My brother and I were close from the start and spent all our days playing with each other. We had other siblings, but there was a special bond between the two of us. The human on the farm recognized this and tried to find a home that would take us both. One by one, the other kittens from the litter left with humans to love and care for them. It seemed that no one wanted two kittens. In the end, it was just my brother and me. It didn't seem we would find a home together. On Christmas Eve the good news came. We would be going to our new home together.

So that is how our life stared. We got a human for Christmas that year and we have lived with her ever since. We spent our first two years in a city called Fort Wayne before moving to a large city called Indianapolis. We enjoyed life in Indy. Our terrace faced a small wooded area and at night animals would come to our door to visit. We had a baby possum who would camp out on our porch, a raccoon who enjoyed sleeping on our welcome mat, and countless neighborhood cats who would stop by for a visit.

Less then a year ago, we started to notice changes in the home. At first it was just little stuff, boxes being shipped and old clothes being given away. Then in the fall the furniture began to disappear. The next thing we knew EVERYTHING was gone and we were thrown into cages, shoved into a car and then (the worse) thrown onto a plane. We didn't know it at the time, but we were on our way to Italy.

It has been great living here. There is a large terrace on the second floor and we are allowed to go out on it. This is the closest we have been to being out doors since we were kittens. It is wonderful. We have a bird's eye view of the yard below!

There are a lot of neighborhood cats, but it has been hard making friends. They don't speak english and our italian is still in it's infancy stages. We are working on it thought and find ourselves to be very happy in Italy. Who would of thought that a couple of farm cats would turn out to be international travelers?