Friday, December 23, 2011

Opus & Roscoe~Together Forever

Two Angels dearly missed.

~ Opus~
22 September 1995 - 2 December 2010


22 September 1995 - 9 September 2008

Graphics by Zoolatry

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Addio Opus

My heart is broken into a million pieces. Opus went to the bridge today. I held him in my arms- stroking his paws, kissing his head. It was very peaceful. Though I will forever miss him, I know that he is running wild with Roscoe, free of pain, free of worry, young again.

I love you, Opus. Ci vedremo di nuovo....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Taking Things Easy

Just taking things easy and posing for the flashie box.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Bates Motel

Hope you all are having a Happy Halloween. We are trying to get to a Halloween party, everyone is invited, given by Castlel Felinestein but have run into a little bit of trouble as right now our vehicle has failed us.

Olive feels very afraid and says that she feels like we are being watched. I keep trying to tell her not to worry as we are right by a motel and if I cannot get the van up and running we can go inside and make a phone call to AAA for a tow.

If all goes well we should be there in no time at all and we can visit more then.

Hopefully, we won't be too late.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Showing our tocks in celebration of Derby's birthday!

Aunt Gracie & Opus


Wishing Derby the best on his birthday!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Opus's Sweet Sixteen

Today is my 16 birthday, and Olive and I were spending a quiet morning sharing memories of the years that we have spent together. Olive is a wonderfu little nurse, and she and the human have been keeping an keen eye on me make sure I take all of my meds in order to get my health back on track. I thought the day was going to be a quiet one but I was wrong . . .

. . . Ollie teleported us over to our Aunt Gracie's place where I found out my friends were throwing a surprise birthday party in my honor. Jan's FF gang was there along with Momo, Asta, Karl, Ruis, and of course Aunt Gracie.

The party will last all day and everyone is welcome. Please head on over to help celebrate with us.


Thank you to all my friends who sent cards, gifts, left comments or stopped by Gracie's to join in on my party fun. This party has been the highlight of my troubled year and I am so blessed to have so many furry friends who love and care about me. Thank you for making my 16th birthday extra special!

Of course I couldn't let the day go by without mentioning my best friend and brother Roscoe; today was also his birthday. It still seems strange to wake up in the morning without having him sleeping by my side. Though I love Ollie with all of my heart, there will always be a part of my heart missing; I believe Roscoe must have taken that piece of my heart (and part of my human's heart) with him when he went to the bridge. We have lost a lot of friends over the years, and though we miss them all dearly it makes me happy to think that they are celebrating today with Roscoe somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge.

The party is still going on over Gracie's. If you haven't been there, be sure to stop on by and join us in a slice of cake!

A beautiful massage chair to get the old bones a good rub. Thanks to my bestest buddy Karl and all of my friends at the Cat Realm!

Italian chocolates from my friends at The Cat Realm

Come join in on the fun! We will cutting the beautiful cake baked by the lovely Asta!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy National Pirates' Day

Arrrrrr! Today is National Pirates' Day! We hope you all get into the spirit and throw on your best pirate outfit. Wishing all our scallywags a wonderful day! Now get out there and loot, pillage and plunder, and be the best darn, rottenest pirate you can be!

(photo by Gracie. Thanks Gracie!)

OPUS UPDATE: After 8 days of apparent good health Opus has taken a turn for the sick. He is feeling a little under the weather so we are heading off the vet's in an hour to see what we can do to fix him up. I just want to make sure he isn't getting dehydrated. Thank you ALL for your kind words, well-wishes, and loving purs. I will let you know what the vet has to say when we get back.

NEW UPDATE: Opus went to the vet this morning. They gave him some IV fluids, a shot to stop the nausea, and even a bath to help clean him up. The vet has changed his medicine again in hopes that we will find the right medicine at the right dose to keep Opus healthy. When we got home he ran to his food bowl and chowed down like a hungry little pirate. I think it is a good sign!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


While I have been away relaxing with my friends in Bora Bora the human has been in touch with the vet. It turns out that I have high levels of bacteria in my intestines which is preventing me from absorbing the nutrients from my food. This is probably the cause of my weight loss and the terrible state that my fur is in. I will be put on three different medications which SHOULD take care of the problem. I will go to the vet's in a month from now to see if the meds are working their magic.

Due to personal reasons my human has been neglecting our blog and email account. During this time Ollie and I have missed our friends dearly. It really warms our hearts to know that you all still think about us and check in on in spite of our absences in the blog world. Once I am feeling better I will have to give my human a kick in the pants in an effort to get her back to working on our blog.

To our friends old and new, thank you for stopping by to check in on me. Your thoughts, prayers, and kind comments mean the world to all of us.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Little R & R

My silly human doesn't understand that when I am feeling under the weather I don't need to be rushed off to some doctor but rather I just need a little rest and relaxation. While the human is sitting at home nervously awaiting my test results, I have taken off to Bora Bora with the gang. If anyone needs me, you know where to find me!

(photo by Gracie)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Needing Your Purrs

I have been under the weather for a while and today, Thursday, went to the vet for a bunch of tests. Keep me in your thoughts that the tests will come back with good results. My mom is takiang the bestest of the best care she can.