Thursday, September 22, 2005

Our Birthday

Today is our 10th birthday. We thought this would be the perfect excuse to get our blog started. We celebrated in a way that only indoor cat could celebrate, quietly. Our human gave us a nice dinner of chicken and gravy (a soft cat food dish that is only offered on special occasions). She also gave us each a small bowl of milk. We ate so fast that we had tummy aches and spent the rest of night trying to recover. Mostly we spent the day doing what we do best, sleeping.

So, a little about ourselves (this being our first blog entry). We were born on a farm in the mid west in the good old U.S. of A. We lived outside in the freezing cold with all of the other obnoxious farm animals. Even as winter approached, we slept outside surrounded by snow. My brother and I were close from the start and spent all our days playing with each other. We had other siblings, but there was a special bond between the two of us. The human on the farm recognized this and tried to find a home that would take us both. One by one, the other kittens from the litter left with humans to love and care for them. It seemed that no one wanted two kittens. In the end, it was just my brother and me. It didn't seem we would find a home together. On Christmas Eve the good news came. We would be going to our new home together.

So that is how our life stared. We got a human for Christmas that year and we have lived with her ever since. We spent our first two years in a city called Fort Wayne before moving to a large city called Indianapolis. We enjoyed life in Indy. Our terrace faced a small wooded area and at night animals would come to our door to visit. We had a baby possum who would camp out on our porch, a raccoon who enjoyed sleeping on our welcome mat, and countless neighborhood cats who would stop by for a visit.

Less then a year ago, we started to notice changes in the home. At first it was just little stuff, boxes being shipped and old clothes being given away. Then in the fall the furniture began to disappear. The next thing we knew EVERYTHING was gone and we were thrown into cages, shoved into a car and then (the worse) thrown onto a plane. We didn't know it at the time, but we were on our way to Italy.

It has been great living here. There is a large terrace on the second floor and we are allowed to go out on it. This is the closest we have been to being out doors since we were kittens. It is wonderful. We have a bird's eye view of the yard below!

There are a lot of neighborhood cats, but it has been hard making friends. They don't speak english and our italian is still in it's infancy stages. We are working on it thought and find ourselves to be very happy in Italy. Who would of thought that a couple of farm cats would turn out to be international travelers?


Gigolo Kitty said...

Italy, Me say, sounds like a fine land. Me look forward to expanding me knowledge of the world!

In anticipation,

Gigolo Kitty

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