Friday, December 2, 2005


Written by Opus

I can not believe it has been a month already since our last adventure. It has been a busy time in our home, but now things are settled again and we can write about our visit to Pisa.

At the end of October, found out that our humans were going out of town for a long weekend. We decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to take a little trip of our own. Afraid of getting caught again, I sent Roscoe on a mission. He was to find out WHERE our humans were going so that we could avoid their destination at all cost. Roscoe is a brave and sneaky cat. He crept quietly into the computer room and spied on our female human. He noticed that she was checking out hotels at Lake Como on the internet. They would be leaving on a Saturday and not returning home until Monday night!

That night while the humans slept, we unfolded our large map of Italy. We decided we would throw our toy mouse in the air. Where ever it landed on the map, would be our destination.

"One..two...three" we tossed the mouse into the air. I watched it tumbling to the ground head over tail. Oh how I wished it could have been a real mouse to play with. It landed with a small thud. Right on top of the city of Pisa!

The morning, shortly after our humans left, we scurried out the door. We waited for the bus to come and take us to the train station. How lucky for us when the bus doors opened and there was our old friend, Mr. Statezitti, sitting behind the wheel. We don't know what his real name is, but he is always saying to us ***"State zitti", so that is what we call him.

Mr. Statezitti delivered us to the train station and wished us a "Buon viaggo". We look around for our friend who works at the train station. He was no where to be found, no tuna fish sandwiches for us today. Thankfully Roscoe thought to pack a bag of cat treats. We munched them on the train and hoped that the humans wouldn't notice that they were gone.

With the sun shining through our window and cat treats in our bellies, we snuggled down for a little cat nap. A short while later I awoke to a woman speaking Italian on the loud speakers. The only word I understood was Pisa.

"Roscoe, wake up! We are here!" I said. I swear, that cat can sleep through anything.

We walked out of the train station, hopped across the street and waited at the bus stop. I had read enough guide books to know that I didn't want to walk all the way to the "Field of Miracles". The first bus that stopped was driven by a cranky young man. "No gatto!" he yelled at us. We put on our best sad cat faces, but our cuteness was of no use. "No gatto!" he yelled a second time and then slammed the doors shut.

Just when I thought that we were going to have to walk (too much exercise for a cat) a second bus pulled up. This time a sweet older woman with gray hair was behind the wheel. She greeted us with a warm smile and we walked on board. She never said a word, but softly scratched our ears as we passed by.

We drove for a short while when Roscoe spotted it out of his window. Behind the ancient city wall was the Field of Miracles. We could see the top of the tower peaking out above the wall. As soon as the doors opened we ran out of the bus, remembering to thank the kind lady on our way out.

As we ran towards the accient city door, the bells of the leaning tower began to ring as if welcoming us to Pisa and the Field of Miracles.

End of Part One

****State zitti means "You guys be quiet" in Italian


Just Ducky said...

Oh, I can't wait until you get to the Tower. You two are very brave to go traveling by yourselves on the train and bus.

Patiently waiting for the next part.

The Colts play tomorrow. Final score as soon as I can get it to you.

Isa said...

Opus, Roscoe! You're so brave! I went away alone once for about a week and there where scratch of paper with my pics hangin' on everywhere! When i came home I was so dirty and hungry that I owled like a wolf although it was 1 AM. I didn't go so far, I just followed a young lady in the neighbourhood. At home everyone was waiting for me and very worried but as they realized I was safe they started to blame me. No other travels alone for now. Waiting to hear the 2nd part of the Pisa adventure soon! Martino

Just Ducky said...

Hi Guys,

Well the Colts game is not quite over but they are so far ahead, they will win again.

Shaggy and Scout said...

Wow Opus & Roscoe! You two sure get around. There's nothing interesting or old around us to explore. Yes, bring part 2 soon!

Gigolo Kitty said...

Next Time, Me Say, Get Chauffered Limousine! Me Hope Evil Cranky Man Gets Bitten By Nasty Dog!

Sanjee said...

Wow yall have neat adventures. You should sneak on the "no gattos" bus and poop on the seats when the mean guy isn't looking. I'm glad yall didn't hafta walk! When does part 2 come out? I wanna hear about the rest of your adventures!

Amy in NC said...

Wow! Y'all have all the fun. WE are looking forward to part 2.

The Monsters

Just Ducky said...

Hi Opus and Roscoe,

Your weekly update on the Colts. They won over Jacksonville 26-18. Still unbeaten.

They had the game on our TV in Wisconsin, but then they switched to another game (Cincinnati-Cleveland). Mummy was not happy. If she had been a cat she would have been hissing and spitting at the TV. Even so I thinked she said some not very nice words. Especially later in the game it gotted close from the highligts they showed later.

Hey, when do we get your next update on your adventure? I don't get to have adventures like you, so I want more!

Cat Naps in Italy said...

We are glad you made it home safe and sound Pola. Next time you should travel with us. We will keep you safe!

Thanks Derby for your Colts update. It sounds like they are having a GREAT year!

Scooby, Shaggy and Scout, I bet there are some really neat things to explore in your part of the world. You just need to go outside and start looking for your next adventure.

Gigiolo Kitty and Sanjee, we LIKE the way you guys think! Maybe next time you can come with us and do the biting and pooping honors! hehehehe

Knightly, Fiona, Lizzie and Firenze
we are working on part 2 and should have it out soon. Hey Firenze did you know that there is a big beautiful Italian city named after you? Maybe our adventures will take us there next!

Opus and Roscoe