Saturday, January 28, 2006

Birthday Party!

Sending out a big Happy Birthday (or Buon Compleanno as they say in Italy) to our male human. We can't even count what that makes him in cat years!


Opus and Roscoe

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Me and Mom singing "Happy Birthday"


Just Ducky said...

LOL, love it. Derby is off at the nap-a-thon at the Calico Girls spot. Sorry Roscoe and Opus couldn't be there, but a birthday can't be missed.

How do you get them to meow on cue?

Derby's mum

Amy in NC said...

Too cute! I can only get the cats to talk when they are hungry.

The Monsters' Mom

Fat Eric said...

Not only handsome but musically talented too!

Spock said...

Happy belated Birthday!! Sorry we missed it...

Carolina Cats said...

Happy Birthday to your male human. Great job singing with yore female, too bad she doesn't sound as good as you!

Finny & Buddy

Edsel/The Pooch said...

that was truly wonderful singin'!

Anonymous said...

Heck with the birthdays-they are over!!
Grandma from America is going to arrive in Italy in two days!!! What fun we will have!!!!!!!

Fat Eric said...

Hmm, i will have to work out a way to get to Italy to visit you. The fluffy jail I sometimes get sent to is just near a place called Stansted which has lots of flying plane thingies. Maybe I can hitch a ride there. I added you to my links, hope that's OK.

Just Ducky said...

Hey we gotta question.

In Latin veni, vedi, vici meant "I came, I saw, I concourded(sp).

What is Latin/Italian for

I came, I saw, I napped (or slept, if there is no good other word.

Also translate

We came, we saw, we slepted.

Thanks and Ciao.

Victor Tabbycat said...

LOL... Good thing they don't know what you *really* said. My man sometimes puts something in his ear and talks when no one else is around, so I answer. We have great conversations that way, until he says "Bye" and puts down the ear thing. Why "bye"? I'm not going anywhere.

The Fluffy Tribe said...

Wow that's a big number if you can't count it. But Happy Birthday anyways. ~Poiland Tribe

Boni said...

Great singing guys! I hope your male human had a real good purrthday. :)

Sanjee said...

Is your Grandma there now? I hope yall are havin fun with her! Happy purrthday to your mail human even tho I'm late. Sorry! I was hiding under the bed til the nap-a-thon, then Mommy hogged the puter.

Cat Naps in Italy said...

Ho venuto, ho visto, ho dormito!

I came, I saw, I slept! Not sure if there is a word for nap in Itlaian. I guess we will have to ask our male human when he gets home since it is his language anyway. We have had to educated the Italians on the word "catnap" means.

Thank you all for your complements on Roscoe's singing. We are thinking about cutting a single, we just have to decided what language to sing in. I am a bit more quiet then my brother, so I will act as his manager (I don't care for the spotlight like he does).


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