Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dr. Feelgood

Fear not friends of Cat Naps in Italy, Opus and I are back! Both of us were feeling a little under the weather and have spent the last month sleeping our way back to good health.

Our humans noticed that there was something wrong with us; Opus had missing fur under his right eye while I had some nasty stuff clogging my ears. We tried our best to hide the symptoms, but the humans were not fooled. They dragged us both off to the vet not once, but twice in the period of two weeks! I mean really how much can a cat take?

Just in case you didn't know, the word vet is an acronym for Vicious and Extreme Torture. And the humans wonder why we run and hide at the sight of our traveling cage!

Opus escaped without too much torture. The vet cleaned his eye, which had a slight infection. She also checked his ears which were fine. I, on the other hand, didn't fare as well. I was given the complete bumper to bumper inspection, IF you know what I mean. The nasty woman started with my ears (both infected), moved onto my mouth where she scraped my teeth with a sharp metal object AND noticed that I had a gum infection above one of my teeth. Then she kept going on down. I will spare you the nasty details, but lets just say that she poked around my unmentionables. And she did all of this right on front of our humans! How inhumane!

So after many weeks of medicine and plenty of rest, Opus and I are back to good health and back to blogging.

Thanks to all of our friends who have been checking in on us!



Unknown said...

Well it is good that you are well again! Welcome Back! Stop by to say hi sometime!

Carolina Cats said...

Ohhh, vetty torchers! Sometimes owr own humans are in leeg wif those evil vets. We're furry glad you got yoreselves all bettir agane. We hope you get to haf some good advenchers soon!

Finny & Buddy

G and G A said...

I am so happy that you are now up to posting on your blog. You have been missed and I am so sorry that you two have had a bad go in the health department. I can relate to that, if you know what I mean. You are now on your way to being healthy and I also am on my way to getting better.

melusina said...

I am glad to hear you are both doing much better. You should be ready to get into plenty of mischief now.

Just Ducky said...

Hi you two, good to hear about you even if it was about VET issues. I had lots of VET issues myself last month. Digestive issues, but I'm better now.

Cat Naps in Italy said...

Meezer- Thanks! We are looking forward to checking out your blog!

Fennegan and Buddy-Thank you for your well wishes. We are ready for a new adventure. Do you have any ideas where?

Grandma- We were only a little sick. So sorry to hear that your poor paw is broken. Hope you are feeling better soon. Try licking your paw, that always helps ours feel better.

Miss Mel- Thank you for the kind words. Be sure to pass a hug along to your kitty cats from us!

Derby- Oh no! Hope you are feeling MUCH better! Sorry about the tummy troubles.

Opus and Roscoe