Friday, August 29, 2008

Tails from Africa: Part Three

Opus, Roscoe, Momo and Sassy called out for help, but their cries were muffled by the sand. Just when they thought they were about use up another one of their nine lives, something appeared on the horizon; something beautiful, something wonderful, something magical....

The magic flying arrived just as the fabulous four were about to sink under the sand completely, with none other than friends Karl and Ruis at the wheel. With ropes tied firmly to the bumper, the magical van hovered over the quicksand pit as Karl and Ruis called to their friends, instructing them to reach out and grab a hold of the ropes.

Carefully but quickly, the magical van lifted the felines out of the sand and out of harms way. With Sassy, Momo, Opus, and Roscoe clinging to the ropes, Karl and Ruis directed the magical, flying van back to the lodge.

Does this mean that Karl and Ruis had the magic van all along?
And if not, who stole the van and where has it been this entire time?



Boy said...

Hmm....I wonder!

Asta said...

Thank dog!!!
My heawt was was vewy scaiwy, and I'm sooo welieved that you'we all safe finally
now about the van..hmmmmm
smoochie kisses

Sassy Kat said...

Glad, as I know you two are, to be out of the quicksand. I still think my ears are all plugged up.
Since Karl and Ruis didn't have the van all summer who did? Who filmed us????? We may never know the answer to that one.
Was a fun safari and I would do it all over again.
Sassy & Momo

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

(Sigh) we are so happy everyone is safe and the MFV showed up at exactly the right moment. ~S, S & C