Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very Happy Halloween! We don't have trick or treaters in Italy, but the American holiday has been imported to Italy, somewhat. Tonight in SOME towns, there will be a party in the square where kids will dress up in their costumes. It isn't the same as Halloween in America, but it is certainly better than nothing. Our human will be going to check out the action (we do miss having trick or treaters). I won't be going as I am in London at Asta's Halloween party!

Opus and Roscoe as Indy Colt Fans, Halloween 2007

I will leave you all with a very scary story. It was Roscoe's favorite horror story, which some of you may remember he told last year.

In honor of Roscoe, I give you

"The Scary Tail of Halloween Night"......

It was a dark and stormy night. Two small, sweet cats were left home alone as their humans went out for the evening. The rain outside was relentless as it came down in buckets from the gray sky. The wind howled and battered against the windows as the lights inside the house flickered on and off a few times, then they went out all together.The poor frightened cats cowered close together hoping the mean storm would soon pass, but it was Halloween night and the storm showed no signs of leaving anytime soon.

Several hours passed when the cats heard a loud, heart wrenching sound. It was a sound so terrible, so awful, so devastating that I almost dare not write of it. It was the sound of grumbling belly.The cats were afraid to leave the safety of the bed but, in the end, they were more afraid of starving to death. Carefully and ever so quietly they tip-toed through the darkened hallway, slowly making their way to their food bowls. The cats could hear the rain as it beat hard against the roof top; they feared that a drop just might pass through the ceiling and land on their dry little heads. Even with the fear of water looming nearby, the brave little cats pressed on.

Suddenly, a deafening clap came from out of no where followed by a flash of bright light. The cats stop dead in their tracks, frozen with fear. They stood there motionless for at least five minuets, moving on only when they where completely sure the lightening had passed. At last they spotted their food bowls at the end of the long hall way. A full moon, partly covered by scary black clouds peaked in through the window, giving the cats a little more light with which to see by. Slowly they tip-toed towards their food bowl, bellies growling louder with each step. And then they saw it; something so scary, so terrifying that they fainted at once.

I fear little kitty that you might do the same if tell you the rest of the story. Shall I continue?

Have it your way.

What the cats saw was none other than a big, dark,.....................


Now wasn't THAT scary???

(photo by Sassy)



Jans Funny Farm said...

It sure was scary! We almost fainted dead away too. But then we remembered that Jan just filled our bowls.

Happy Halloween to you too, Opus!

Asta said...

Oh My goodness..that was spine tingling scawy..what bwave wondew it ws Roscoe's favowite..I just know he wassitting vewy close to youw Mom and you when he listenedto this tale..and I know that in heaven thewe is nevew an empty food bowl..
I'mso glad you came to ouw pawty..I love seeing you, and hope that at least fow the weekend you'll fowget youw sadness and have fun
smoochie kisses

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

THAT was very scary and the mean beans at our house make sure our food bowls are empty after lunch so we will come for supper when called. We know just how those poor cats felt when they saw the empty bowls.

Happy Halloween!!!!

We are having a wonderful time at Asta's party. It is so good to see you there. ~S,S & C

PS: Opus I think you are very charming and dance divinely. ~Scylla

Stellaluna said...

Scary Halloween you had! Have a nice day!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

I love your scary story, and was scared the second time around. Read it last year but was still scared!!!

Happy Halloween!! There were some children on the streets last night but Halloween is not a big thing in Australia.

Sassy Kat said...

That is just about the scariest story ever. No food! No, no, oh no, tell me it wasn't a true story.
Happy Halloween! I know you will get lots of treats and no tricks because you are such a sweetie!!!!! I am so proud of you for having come to the Halloween celebrations in honor of your brother Roscoe. Roscoe always enjoyed the getting together to have loads of fun and I know he is also so happy and proud that you are getting out and about.

ZOOLATRY said...

Happy Halloween and
BOO to you.