Friday, April 25, 2008

All Roads Lead to Rome

Written by Opus

It was another fun day with Momo. After our usual breakfast, we piled into the van and headed for the Eternal City. It wasn't long before our flying van touched down in one of the most historic cities in all the world, Rome.

There was so much that I wanted Momo to see, but we didn't have a lot time to spend sight seeing. So, we decided the quickest way to see all of the best sights in Rome was to jump on board the "Hop On, Hop Off" sightseeing bus. Of course Roscoe and Momo wanted to sit on the second level of the double-decker bus. They also insisted on sitting OUT side so that they could play "Catch the Bugs With Your Teeth". The bus took us to see the Colosseum, the Roman forum, Saint Peters Basilica, the Pantheon, AND the Spanish Steps before it dropped us off in front of the Trevi Fountain.

It had gotten hot sitting under the sun without a speak of shade and so Momo suggested that we sit near the fountain to cool off. Of course Rosocoe misunderstood and jumped INto the fountain to cool off. It didn't take the Italian police long to come and chase him out. Before running off we all threw a coin into the fountain to guarantee our return to Rome.

There was so much to see in Rome that we could have stayed all week, but time was not on our side. With Momo having been dumped by her human (because of work) and our human about to dump us (for five days because of work), Sassy was kind enough to invite us to her house for a weekend slumber party.

We piled into the van and headed off for a place very familiar to us farm boys, Indiana.

The sun was just starting to set as we flew high above the golden corn fields of Indiana. It felt so good to be back in the heartland of America.

As we approached Sassy's house, we spotted her waiting for us down by the pond. Back home again in Indiana with our friends Sassy and Momo. What more could we have asked for?

To be continued at Sassy's blog.....


Juno said...

Opus and Roscoe!

Thank you for taking care of our sissy!!! We're glad you guys have a fabulous day together!!!

Momo & Pinot

Babs (Beetle) said...

You are having the bestest time MoMo! We laughed when we saw Sassy come to meet the van.

Purrs, Sukie X Livvie X & Mitzi X

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Well how rude of them to dump you. Rome looks divine... how I miss it.. Sniff.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Hey, so glad you're not going to be alone for the weekend. Have a wonderful time at sissy Sassy's! And stay out of trouble.

Sassy Kat said...

Stopping by to let your mom and dad know that was are all safe and enjoying being together!

Chrissie said...

You guys had a wonderful time! I love your magic carpet ride!

Daisy said...

A dip in the fountain sounds very refreshing!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Wow, what a week! I love my visit in Italy. SS is justifibly envious as she sits in the room tapping away at her computer. And now, the slumber party - Wooohoooooooooo!!!!

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