Monday, June 1, 2009

Heading Out Again!

Graphics by Karl
The two of us are so tired of our humans leaving us alone while they are out having all of the fun when we got word that Karl and Ruis were on a second honeymoon we knew that the gang would try to find them. We have joined in on the search of where those two headed off to and are hoping that we can surprise them by our visit. We sure hope we can figure out where they went.


Jans Funny Farm said...

Why do we think you will find them?

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

We thinks you are very close. Olive, we are looking forward to getting to know you better and spending some time with you at MoMo's graduation. ~Scylla, Charybdis, Socks & Fenris

Asta said...

I'm absolutely suwe we awe heading in the wight diwection..just stwaight ahead
smoochie kisses

Sassy Kat said...

I am still wondering if this is a good idea. After all they did want the alone time. But on the other hand when we all are together we have such a great time. OK, let's keep going with the search and find Karl & Ruis.

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

We will find them for sure. They will find us otherwise - they miss us too much!

Karl and Ruis said...

We are glad you did find us eventually!!! Our faces must have been quiet funny to look at when you surfaced with that submarine right in front of our beach, hahhahahahahahahahahaha
Karl and Ruis
We too wish we could head back to that day (our wedding) and see Roscoe one more time... but he is with us always and forever!