Thursday, September 18, 2008

Roscoe: A Celebration of Life

On Monday, September 22nd Roscoe would have turned 13. Rather than be sad that our sweet little one left us too soon, we have decided to use his birthday as a day to celebrate his life rather than mourn his death.

Between now and Monday, we are asking you to post your favorite Roscoe photo, leave a card or tell us about your favorite Roscoe story.
Click on side bar photo to go to Roscoe's Remembering Blog.
The log in is: and the password is: weloveyou

We ask you save your post as a draft and on Monday, September 22 we will publish all of the posts. We will also turn on the comments for anyone wanting to leave one.

Please post this graphic on your blog should you like, and spread the word.

****If you wrote a tribute post about Roscoe, could you please email us the link at We would like to have a link list of all his tributes. GRAZIE!****

We hope you will join us as we celebrate Roscoe's life on our 13th birthday!


Jans Funny Farm said...

We posted your graphic on our sidebar. We certainly want to participate!

You forgot the url, but we found it.


Wonderful graphic...


Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

We will come back when we are at Mommy's computer (all the pictures are there) right now we are using Daddy's lap top (shh, we aren't suppose to). ~S,S & C

(Daddy - Has anybody seen my laptop? Us - no Daddy, it's wherever you left it. he he)

Sassy Kat said...

I posted the photo with the link to the remembering blog. I also have a post letting all know about September 22.

The hardest will be to have the mom of the house not to cry. Every time we start to work on it she get all teary eyed. Still to hard to think about him not being with us, but oh what wonderful memories he has left us with. It will be hard to decide what to say, there are so many things that I can think of. I will put on the thinking cap and get the tissues ready for the mom of the house. She needs them for her cold too.
I am so glad that Opus is doing this for his brother. I know how close they were. It is also Opus's birthday but instead of being sad he is honoring his bro. This is such a great gift that he is giving his brother.

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

I have posted the graphic on my side bar and will attend to the rest. SS is going away to visit gran for the weekend but I will make sure she has everything done before she leaves.

Alex the Blogging Kat said...

I iz sad when Rosco or any kitty kat goez to ktty latz heaven OK?

Brownie said...

I has sent yoo an e-card, I hope you likes and makes you feel better :')

Anonymous said...

I'd like to share a special poem with you on Monday as a celebration of Roscoe's life. I'm not quite sure about the linking thing - so I'll link it to your Monday post (sorry I'm so imcompetent). It was a poem my vet gave me when my own dear little Henry died and I was so heartbroken - it brought me great comfort.

Alexi said...

We posted your graphic on our sidebar. We are participating!

Islay said...

Hey Opus buddy - Happy Birthday! Sending you lizard wishes and catnip dreams!


Anonymous said...

Mom and Milo remembering Roscoe today especially.

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