Monday, September 22, 2008

TODAY: Remembering Roscoe

Today is a day of celebrations. It is the third anniversary of Cat Naps in Italy. It also happens to be my thirteenth birthday. But that is not what we are going to celebrate today.

Just thirteen days before his thirteenth birthday my dear brother, Roscoe, crossed over the rainbow bridge. We are so sadden by our loss, but today we will push our tears inside. Today we will remember the little cat who made us smile EVERY day.

Join at Remembering Roscoe, us as we celebrate his life. Share your favorite photo, poem or crazy Roscoe story.

We will remember him always with love and laughter....


The Cat Realm said...

Dear Opus, I want to wish you a happy birthday, your first without your brother which must be incredible hard.
But I want to let you know while you might not have your brother anymore you still have many many friends, and I feel almost like a brother to you. So I hope this day will not be too sad for you, and my purrs and thoughts are with you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Opus,

I hope you're enjoying your birthday because Roscoe would want you too. You're bound to feel sad but remember Roscoe is watching over you from the rainbow bridge and still loves you.
Mom and I have done a special post at out place for you and Roscoe and your fambly.

Us4 Cats said...

My eyes were already filled with tears when it read to push our tears aside....

a cats passing always tugs at my heart.

-wlk crew.

Us4 Cats said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS kitty.

Very charismatic. Very special.

He knew you were cold in winter so he slept on your head to warmyou- what a true friend.

I am still crying....sorry i am not much help cause i am a sap.

He added so much to your life and for that we celebrate him as the gem he was and still is in your heart.

wlk crew.

Robyn and The (Mostly) Badass Cat said...

We hopes yoo has a good purrthday cellybratin Roscoe's life.
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

Daisy said...

I am thinking of Roscoe on this day. I also want to wish you a happy birthday and blogoversary. I'll bet Roscoe and Pixie are playing together at the Bridge.

Marilynn said...

Happy birthday, Opus, and remember Roscoe well. Remember all the wonderful things he did and how beautiful he was. The best memories are the ones to carry around in your head. I understand the pain of losing a long-time friend, and so do many others, I'm sure. All our purrs and prayers are with you and your family.


Marilynn, Grace & Company

BenTheRotti said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Opus,

What a beautiful tribute you have written for your beloved brother, who I am sure is there with you today watching over the celebrations. Try and celebrate as Roscoe would have wanted, we will be popping over to leave some comments on Roscoe's page later..

birthday hugs and love.. and special hugs for your Mommy,

Ben xxxx

Fat Eric said...

This is a lovely tribute to Roscoe today and I want to send purrs to everyone in your family.

I also want to wish Opus a happy purrthday - I hope you get lots of treats and cuddles, Opus!

Jans Funny Farm said...

You need and deserve love and attention from your friends today, Opus, so we came by to wish you a Happy Birthday and Blogoversary.

Ever since we met you we have laughed with you and Roscoe. Now we cry with you, that Roscoe has left for the bridge firt. There is just no way to avoid tears. We care.

Sassy Kat said...


Love you to pieces. I know this is a hard day for you but take the time to enjoy your birthday here on earth today. Get all the hugs and snuggles from your mom and dad that you can.

Your tribute to your brother, Roscoe, was beautiful. I know you two are close and you miss him. Just know that he is no longer ill. Someday we will all be together over the bridge. But that is way way way far away, I hope.

Juno said...

Happy birthday Opus and Roscoe!!!

Roscoe, thank you very much for being our friend. We'll remember you forever!!

Momo & Pinot

Jans Funny Farm said...

We just came by today to say we're thinking of you. We know yesterday was a hard day for you.

Islay said...

Happy Birthday Opus. We'll miss our buddy Roscoe; he was a big part of our little animal group!