Saturday, December 1, 2007

Back in Action

The human has finally managed to meander back home. While she has been off sightseeing in Florence, Pisa, San Marino and Venice, we have been stuck at home without a computer. We are letting her know that we are not happy about her absence by following her around all over the house, getting under her feet while she walks and meowing like crazy. We also tripped her a couple of times; that will teach her to leave us again!

The Great Raffle Giveaway is winding down.

The Prize Van has arrived in Vegas just in time for the Great Raffle Giveaway. It is bursting wonderful gifts, all which were donated by our generous friends. Below is the complete list of prizes and the wonderful cats and friends who donated them. Thank you all for your contribution, we couldn't have done it without you.

The Great Raffle Giveaway Prize Patrol Van Inventory:

-Samantha and Tigger have donated TEN cat calenders.

-Rusi has donated a collection of 12 cat art postcards featuring Dutch painters and also a Francien's scrapbook (A-4, blank paper, sturdy cover,spiral bound).

-Miss Peach has donated handmade Kitty Kat ear joules and a handmade Kitty Kat bracelet.

-Sassy Cat has donated several bags of cat (or doggy) treats.

-The House of Mostly Black Cats has donated several Nip Raviolis.

-ML and KC have donated several Cat Blogosphere tee shirts and several pairs of cat socks.

-Rocky has donated one handmade cat bookmark (click here to view the beautiful bookmarks by Artsy Catsy).

-Kashlm and Othello have donated two packages of Greenies (healthy cat treats that are good for our teeth).

-Dragonheart has donated a hand-crocheted snuggle.

-Finny and Buddy have donated three orange, baby Squillions still wrapped in their blanket from the Green Wall Shelter.

-Snickers has donated a handmade, fleece, paw print snuggle blanket.

-Parker, Puff, Powder and Rudy have donated four bags of Temptations Cat Treats.

-Miss Daisy has donated a beautiful "friends are important" mug with her cute little face on it.

-DMK has donated a wonderful, warm, holiday snuggle, just in time for the holidays.

-Karl has donated two wonderful booklets that he co wrote with Anastasia, Felines Unleashed. It is full of kitty wisdom and great photos.

-Roscoe and I will donate two Cat Blogosphere Print Calenders, one handmade ceramic piece made by an artist in our town and one hand painted water color of a cat in Rome made by our very own male human.

If anyone has offered to make a prize donation, but has been left off the prize list PLEASE email us ASAP at so we can add you the list. The drawing will be held tonight with the results posted by 6pm tomorrow (Italy time). We can't wait to see who has won what!

Below is a list of those who donated money to the Cat Blogosphere from November 19th through the end of the month. These names will be entered in the drawing to win the prizes mentioned above. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send us an email at if you have a made a donation between November 19th - 30th and you do not see your name listed.
We don't want to leave anyone out, so email us ASAP!


Great Raffle Giveaway Contestants:

Ruis and Kattenpraat


Grace and Company


Miss Peach

Samantha and Tigger

Chey, Gemini and Georgia

Pyewacket and Trixie

Tigger the FBI Cat


Kimiko and Yuki


Tower Hill Mob

Fat Eric




KC, Missy, Momma Tortie and the babies

Dinah and the Mites

***We have a donation that was made without a name. We are looking for the donor so we know who to send the prize to. Please send us an email so we will know who you are.****

Again, if you have made a donation and you do not see your name listed, email us ASAP. It is very important to us that NO ONE be who contributed be left out.

Tomorrow we write all the names of the contestants on pieces of paper and place those in one hat. Then we will write the names of all the prizes on pieces of paper and place those in another hat. To decide who gets what prize, one name and one prize will be drawn at at time. You will whichever prize was drawn with your name. In the event you were also a prize donor and happen to get your own prize, we will redraw a new prize for you. The list of winners will be posted tomorrow by 6pm (Italy time).

See you tomorrow at the Great Raffle Giveaway!


Sassy Kat said...

Several reasons that I am stoppin by today. First is to show off my new hat, how do ya like it? Second, is to say I am headin over to make a donation on the blogosphere. Third, I am so glad that your mom is home now, the bad news is that I am goin to have to ask ya to work overtime of the production of CCSI II. Graphic design/photo crew has waged a complanit with the union, and goodness know we don't need a strick. I'll help you in anyway that I can, also if you are not Opus & Roscoe do not read any further. (I didn't mean anything that I said about workin ya overtime, I did that just so the crew would feel like I am doin my job.) HEY I SAID NOT TO READ THIS IF YA WERE NOT OPUS or ROSCOE. BOY ya just cannot trust anyone anymore.

Sassy Kat said...

WELCOME BACK, we all missed ya!!!

Sassy Kat said...

I meant to say we don't need a strike, not strick. Darn paws.

Sassy Kat said...

Hey party over at Marilyn's stop on over quick, I don't think ya will be too late if ya leave now!!!!! Got to get back.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

I am ever so glad that your humans have come back! YEAH!>

Daisy said...

Good luck to everycat!

Asta said...

Opus and Ruis
I've missed you!!! Thank you fow signing the petition! I hope youw waffle is going vewy well!

I would love fow you to come to my's not too late at all! It would be lovely to wepay youw wawm welcome in Italy fow me
smoochie kisses

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Hi guys,
Welcome back! Life is not the same with you two out of action.

If I am lucky enough to win any food, I would like to donate it back to the other kitties who live in the same country as the donar because SS doesn't want to upset the beans in the Quarantine Office anymore. They have earmarked her because of various laboratories and people in the world have been sending her 'suspicious looking' pottery powders in the last two years. She has to explain a awful lot to these rather dense chararcters what they were and that they were for research only and not for snorting.