Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Party is in Full Swing

We are having a great time at Sassy's CCSI cast party. The castle is beautiful, the food is outstanding and the wine is impeccable. It has been so much to see our friends again and to let loose after working so hard on the CCSI Christmas episode.

Things got a little crazy when Daisy jumped into the pool.

(photo by Miss Daisy)

It looked like so much fun that many of us joined her, until there were more animals than water in the pool!
Click on photo to view a larger picture.
(It is VERY important to us that EVERY ANIMAL who was at the pool party be in the photo. We did our best to get everyone in there, but with so many animals at the party it is easy to miss someone. PLEASE let us know if you were in the pool so we can add your photo, just leave us a comment on this post. Thank you.)

Later that night, back at our cottage, I caught Roscoe wearing Sassy's beautiful swimming cap. Sorry Sassy! Roscoe just "borrowed it" without asking. We promise to get it back to you ASAP!



What? What? I didn't steal it! I asked Sassy, in private, if I could try it on and she said it was perfectly fine. Don't cough up another hairball, Opus. I am going to return the beautiful swimming cap to Sassy; just as soon as I buy one for myself!



Jan Price said...

Oh, what nifty pictures. We love the one at the swimming pool. So many cats and dogs having fun.

We didn't know Percy can swim, though. Do you suppose it could have something to do with all the time you 3 spent in the wine cellar?

Jan's Funny Farm residents

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Oh my. I did not mean to fall in. How much catnip did I have before that photo?


Daisy said...

Hahahahahah! The swimming part was so much FUN! And I love the beautiful swimming cap Roscoe tried on.

Cat Naps in Italy said...

Percy did a good job of swimming, though the water wasn't too deep. And there were lots of strong swimmers around to keep an eye on everyone.

Chry and Gemini,
Sorry you fell into the pool. We know, as a cat, this might not have been much fun. We don't like water either, but with enough wine we were fine.

You looked great in your swim suit (can we say that?)!

Opus and Roscoe

Jan Price said...

Hey, Opus and Roscoe,

I can't find you in the crowd, but I'm leaving a copy of this message with Sassy, just in case I don't run into you again before we leave.

Thanks for stopping by JFF and correcting the label on our photo. Guess I'm the only one who knew what I was talking about. And no, I am NOT going to try to explain that again. You'll have to go back and read it for yourselves.

I appreciate the offer to drop me home on your way back to Italy, but Sassy brought me out early to help with setup (and wine guarding). I don't know whether she has more work for me to do.

Sure appreciate that swell-fitting jacket.

Jan's Funny Farm

Jan Price said...

Guess I just missed you when I left a message at Sassy's. I left this one for you there too. You'll find one of them.

Nope, you didn't misread that, Opus and Roscoe. I corrected the photo label on JFF so folks can tell you apart. I am sorry. Should never label a photo I'm in while looking at it.

Glad you're staying for a while. Maybe I'll find you at the buffet.

Jan's Funny Farm

Leslie said...

OHMIGOSH! Look at Trixie up the top there! Oh what a hoot! And Tigger couldn't go swimming 'cause she had her over-the-top Cruella de Ville wig on!

Oh that was GORGEOUS! Did you hear me laughing from over here?

Jan Price said...

Hey, While we were leaving this message, you were over at JFF leaving me one. You weren't rude to correct me for labeling the photo wrong. I had it right, just labeled it backwards.

I came back to check the pool photo. Jan's going to love that picture! She thinks I look cute in that hat.

Eventually I'm going to find you. I'll keep looking.

Jan's Funny Farm

Anonymous said...

This is just... this is soooooo... This is WOW!!! Hahahahaha

Sassy with her waterproof lipstick and colorful swimming cap -- haha...

By the way... I think you look great in that cap, Roscoe!

It is so fantastic to see all the cats and dogs, the whole crew and cast of CCSI in the pool!!

Islay said...

Hi guys, Just stopping by to make sure you made it home okay after that huge meal you had - last I saw Roscoe was sleeping on the dining table, but he must have gotten up because Sassy took your picture departing from the airport! Love the suits, too!

It was great seeing you at the party -
licks & slobbers

Sassy Kat said...

Checking in to make sure that ya made it home OK. I have to have a copy of everycat/dog in the pool if ya don't mind.

Roscoe please keep the bathing cap, please I insist. I have another one just like it. I am honored that ya liked it so well.

Thanks for all of your help. See ya tomorrow for the Red Carpet events.

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

What a hoot! Just how did you get MoMo into the water? She is normally terrified of H2O.
Roscoe looks great in that cap, I am so glad that Sassy made a present of it.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about today! But I am afraid the black hole hit us again... I saw a reply on an email with my name in it, but never received the original... Did I miss more?

See you tonight!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hmmm I's not sure if one of the tabbies is Bonnie. In fact, Percy, wif his hat, looks most like Bonnie. She's more of a paw-dipper than a swimmer, I fink.

Man that was FUN!