Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ciao America!

Three years ago today our lives changed forever. It was on this day that we said good bye to our family and left for Italy. It was hard to leave, but we knew that where our human went, we had to follow.

Saying goodbye to our family at the airport; us with our human, her brother and parents (her sister-in-law was there too and took the photo). This was taken before we were stuffed into our cages.

She stuffed us into two, separate cages (in compliance with airline rules) and then had to check us in with rest of her bags. Because we are such big, strong, manly cats we were over the "in cabin weight limit". Our human worried about the entire flight, but what she didn't know was that we had better seats than she did!

We spotted a beautiful flight attendant and put on our best sad faces. She felt so bad for us that she sweet talked the pilot into letting us ride in the cabin; not just any cabin, the FIRST CLASS cabin. Roscoe and I ate caviar and drank champagne the entire flight. Soon I got tired and slept while Roscoe entertained himself on the foot rest.

Nothing but the best for us! Our poor human was stuck back in coach!

It was so very hard to leave our family and friends behind in America, but coming to Italy is the best (and most interesting) thing that has ever happened to us. We now have a pure bred Italian male to help care for us and our female has never been happier. And happy humans equals happy cats.

We still miss America, but have come to feel right at home in Italy!
On our way to our new home!

**Don't forget to stop by our pizza party tomorrow to celebrate our movaversary**


Daisy said...

How brave of you to fly all the way to a new country! And what an exciting and interesting adventure. Do you think you will ever come back to America, or is Italy your true home now?

Anonymous said...

That must have been a very exciting adventure. Will you come back to America ever? I mean, with a flight like yours, I might even travel more!

Sassy Kat said...

What a nice plane ride you guys had, glad your human was in the back of the plane, serves her right for making you two move so far away. Happy moveday, see you at the parties.

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Looked like a nice flight you had there! First class! Wowweee! Italy sounds nice anyway. Looking forward to all the authentic pizzas at your party.

Juno said...

First class? That's so nice. I've seen it on the movie! My pooor hooomans have never had such a good experience.
I am leaving here shorty to meet you and join the pizza pawty. I just asked everyone to join me, Momo and Sassy on my blog.

Momo xoxo