Monday, November 26, 2007

More Addtions to the Prize Van

The Great Raffle Giveaway Prize Patrol Van is still on the road!

We have a couple more additions to add to the prize van. Thank you again to everyone who has donated either the Cat Blogosphere or to the prize van. This raffle has turned out great and we couldn't not have done it without your help and participation. Here are our fellow felines who have recently jumped on the prize van...

Miss Daisy has donated a beautiful "friends are important" mug with her cute little face on it.

DMK has donated a wonderful, warm, holiday snuggle, just in time for the holidays.

***Just Added***

Karl has donated two wonderful booklets that he co wrote with Anastasia, Felines Unleashed. It is full of kitty wisdom and great photos.

Thank you all for your kind donations. Scroll below to see the rest of the prize list. Later this week, if the humans are ever home with the computer on, we will try to get up some photos and an up-to-date list with all the prizes.

To join the raffle simply make a donation to the Cat Blogosphere (be sure to include your name and email). If you are interested in donating a small prize, just send us an email at

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